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International and US General Partner: Tom Kuna
Phone : 1-618-660-0074 or 1-217-942-9730
Office and Home Address : 103 Mill St.,  POB 75
Kane, Illinois, 62054-0075 USA
Ghana Divison:
Kwabena Owusu, COO, Ghana Division
Phone:  011-233-277-388-700
c/o Papa Danny, P.O.Box 202, Abbossey Okai, Accra, GHANA

Home (and Taxi-Storage): 406/30 Akwalaa-Susua Rd, Abeka-Lapaz,  Accra,
the books of Peace Works Press. We offer Preferred Partnership Shares  at .05% (half percent ; the local
Savings-Account Rate) until we have $100,000 for the downpayments. At that point: 8% for 30 years in
Preferred Partnership Shares. After 30 years: 12%.  To invest in $100 increments, Click these tabs  (10%
Penalty for Early Withdrawal )   (Phone:  1-217-942-9730 ; or 1-618-660-0074 for questions and answers)
Pictures of the  two complexes are available on request:

                                                                                                           $10,000          !$100,000           
$100             $200              $400             $500          $800          $1,000      $10,000;