Past  Events:
The Senatorial Campaign Rents Its Proportional
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Tom had been campaigning door to door during the last few
weekends before the nominating petitions had to be
submitted last October or November (2009).  He also had the
platform printed up to give out at the Campaign Booth at the
Jersey County Fair, July 14-19, 2009.

He campaigned at the Music Fest in Jerseyville, sponsored
by the Jersey County Business Assoc.

He has also been proof-reading the books:

1)  "Peace Process in  the Holy Land, World Peace and
Justice, and the Future Architecture of the Universe...."

2)   "Hitler as the Anti-Christ of this Age..."


3)    "God's Plans for the American Working-Class and the
Holy Land after 9/11..."

each by one whose pen-name is Jacob, and which are to be
published by WERCo.'s Imprint:  'Peace Works Press'.

Tom did not succeed in getting enough signatures to have
his name on the Republican Primary Ballot in Feb., 2010, but
he hopes to run again in 2014, on this same platform.

Tom attended 5 events in central and southern Illinois during
his efforts in the 2009-2010 electoral season, and was well
received at a Springfield Illinois Tea-Party Candidates' forum.

After that forum, over 400 persons looked at this web-site.

In the course of his campaign, Tom met  Independent
contender for US Senator from Illinois, Will Boyd, with whom
Tom has been able to share some of the insights on how
20-4-40 PLUS EICS will be the basis for solving most world
problems -- not only to make full-employment possible again
in the USA, but throughout the world, and how this plank can
solve the immigration concerns of so many people, as well as
how it would solve the funding crises of Social Security,
Medicare, Home-ownership re-financing, and funding for
local schools and governments, as well as for many State
budgets, not to mention the unconscionable disparities of
wealth and income which RUNAWAY plants and AUTOMATION
have produced in the USA. Viz:

In 1789, the average wealthy had incomes 40 times that of the
average worker.  Today, their incomes are nearly 5000 times
that of the average worker.  Marx's foretelling of the relative
impauperization of the working-class is proving true, after all
-- unless we correct it by having the Rich and Super Rich
share some of the profits they can make only because all
society is organized to make profits possible, and only
secondarily as a result of the rich's own personal efforts.

And to share their surplus incomes NOT with government
bureaucracy, but directly with the working-class -- who, after
all, make their incomes possible in the first place.