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Thank you for shopping with St Marcellus Group [(1.A St. Marcellus House(s) of Hospitalitiy for Homeless and
PTSD-suffeirng Veterans and Others; (1.B)  Association for World Peace, Justice and the
Messianic-Charismatic Development of People;:(2.A ) World Economic Renewal Co. RLLP (renewal of said
status pending a court case in process that we initiated against certain staff of the Business Services Division
of the IL Secretary of State) who have unlawfully acted contrary to the Statute governing RLLP's; (2.B) Peace
Works Press; (3) Veterans Green-Energy Co-Ops); (3b) "St Marcellus Free-Will University; (3.C) Dorothy Day
Academy; and other DBA's of the Veterans' Green-Energy Co-Ops, a low-Profit Joint Venture  between and St. M H H. Up to the Max rate of 12% operating revenue  (or a Low-Profit Joint Venture
) is used exclusively to fund the Not-For Profit St. M H H.;(4) Tom Kuna-Jacob: Friend of Illinois and all
Working-Families, which has the electoral/Legislative Platform shared among all these listed entitites, and his
campaign material for election to one or another elective or appointed Office of Public Trust.

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At St. Marcellus Group, we are committed to ensuring the privacy of our customers, suppliers, investors,
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St. Marcellus Group  is committed to protecting your privacy. Should you have any questions or comments
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We consider your account as personal an
Our Privacy Policyd private when you place an order with us. We
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World Court in the Netherlands,or appropriate Civil Disobediance to any decision of any such court we can
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8:K and 10; and ART IV (4),and AMENDMENTS I-XXVII.   Except under the above conditions, we will never tell
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