The Terra: A Currency for the World

Over $3.2 trillion is traded in foreign exchange markets each day. Since Nixon uncoupled the
value of the dollar from the gold standard in 1971, the majority of that trading has become
purely speculative. "[These transactions] do not reflect global movements of exchanges of
actual goods and services," writes Dr. Lietaer. "Functioning mostly as a speculative market,
current national currencies can be undermined not only by tangible economic news, but also
by mere rumor or changes in perception as well."

He notes that this unstable situation has resulted in foreign exchange crises in 87 countries
over the past quarter century. In an effort to introduce more stability into world markets and
help prevent a worldwide recession, Lietaer and the Access Foundation are proposing to
implement the Terra Trade Reference Currency. The Terra is a privately run, complementary
B2B currency intended to work in tandem with existing currencies. Linked in value not just to
gold, but to a basket of 12 main international commodities including gold, the Terra provides
an inflation-proof, stable currency for international B2B exchanges.

The Terra has a 'demurrage charge" or "negative interest" of 3.5-4 percent for every year a
participant hangs onto it. So it encourages circulation, rather than hoarding, and makes
long-term, systematic, sustainable thinking more attractive to international companies. For
example, due to the Terra's negative interest rate, trees are worth more in the future than they
are today, so it encourages long-term thinking, rather than the short-term mentality that
prevails in businesses today. Other benefitsof the Terra are that it would stabilize international
transactions, because no party would lose out due to currency fluctuations in their country. As
a result, investment in developing countries becomes more attractive.

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Neither the "Com" nor the "WIR", nor "The TERRA" is "the mark of the beast". That was the Nazi Swastika, as
made clear in Ezekiel 38:3,12,20 [RE: "Tubal"(the Hitlerite war-machine)"against a people concerned with
goods and cattle" (the Nazi invasion of the USSR); and "cliffs (of Normandy) tumbled"]. Cf: "Hitler as the
Anti-Christ of this Age: ...." 1999, 2002, 2009; "Peace Process in the Holy Land...Qur'an Guarantees Israel's
Right to Exist Securely...." 1983-2009; and "God's Plans for the American Working-Class and the Holy Land
After 9/11...", 2001, 2009, each by Jacob, Peace Works Press;
The  Terra: A Currency
for the World (Not "the
Mark of the  Beast" ! !)