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We are in contact with a variety of people: pastors, the VA, Lewis and
Clark Community College.  The intent is to incorporate the St. Marcellus
Catholic Worker Houses of Hospitality for Homeless Veterans and Others
as a non-profit corporation.  After 3 months of serious internal
discussions, the Board of the  St. MCW Houses has hammered out the  
By Laws and submitted them, with the $50 fee, to the Illinois Secretary of
State by USPS on Friday the 16th of September!  Congratulations to all
concerned who participated in the discussions.

The first such House is active already (see contact us page), under the
name:  St. Isidore Catholic Worker House.

We have room here now two Vets and two other men, all in their '50s,
plus the Resident-Director, Thomas Kuna(-Jacob).

If we succeed, we may have to put in a sprinkler system in each of the 7
rooms, and convert the two doors to emergency fire-exit, outwardly
opening doors.

The VA would pay a per diem to house one or more homeless
Vets, which we would use to give the vets part ownership in the
WERCo, with a claim on future per-diem incomes from future
use of the house.  

The extra income from the per diem would be used to buy,or have
donated to us, one or two vans,  which would meet the specs of the
Jersey/Greene/Calhoun Counties' Rural Public Transit system, which
should be operational by the end of 2011, or in 2012.

The extra per diem would be used to pay for the Vets' to either take
schooling in an employable craft, trade or profession at L&CCC, and/or to
pay them a wage or salary to do their craft as Employee-Member-Owners
of the WERCo, plus their living expenses, and Social Security and
Medicare, etc. taxes.  The kind of work we have in  mind for them is
mainly installing and maintaining Green-Clean- Renewable energy
capacity, like the MORE wind-turbines

If you'd like to help the St. Isidore Cottage with voluntary work, or
donations of money or in kind, please call us at: 217-942-9730.  Tom is
home most of the time, working in the home-office of WERCo or
homemaking around the house.
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